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Nostradamus Predictions 2021

 Nostradamus Predictions 2021

Nostradamus Predictions 2021: 

The predictions of the centuries are now slowly showing. In 2020, people are going to reach the cornea in 2021 after facing a coronation like Corona. But 2021 is also not going to be good for the people. Because the prophecy of France-born Michael the Nostradamus is telling something similar. The 465-year-old prophecies of France-born Michael the Nostradamus are now surprising people. Nostradamus made many predictions about the world centuries ago in a book called 'Les Professes'. The first edition of this book came in 1555. There are a total of 6338 predictions in this book, of which 70 percent have been proved to be true. His predictions are defined in verses, called 'quatrains'. Let's know what his prediction is ...

2020 forecast turned out right

The prediction made by Nostradamus came true in 2020. Corona virus epidemic of Corona virus spread in the year 2020 is also being linked with the predictions of Nostradamus. Apart from this, many historical events have also become proof of his true predictions. Let's know how Nastredamus has predicted for the year 2021.


According to the prediction of Nostradamus, a Russian scientist will develop such a biological weapon (biological weapon) and virus, which will make humans zombies. In this way the human species will be destroyed.


Nostredamus said that famines, earthquakes, various diseases and epidemics would be the first signs of the end of the world. As is happening in this period also. In the year 2020, the corona virus epidemic can be considered its beginning, which devastated the whole world. This will be a famine, which the world has never faced before. A large part of the world's population will not be able to recover from this catastrophe.

Sun destruction

2021 will be a very important year in terms of major events around the world. During this, the destruction of the sun will cause damage to the earth. Nostradamus had also spoken of rising sea level and facing the earth in a warning. These losses of climate change will create a situation of war and confrontation. Fights will start in the world for resources and people will flee.

Comet will hit Earth

Nostradamus has also spoken of hitting a comet from the Earth in a 'Quatrain', which will cause earthquakes and many natural disasters. This asteroid will start boiling after entering the Earth's orbit. This view in the sky will be like 'Great Fire'.

Scientists warning

Please tell that NASA scientists have already predicted the possibility of a big comet hitting the Earth. This time it needs to be taken more seriously, because an asteroid named 2009 KF1 is in danger of hitting the Earth on 6 May 2021. Scientists say that the strength of this asteroid will be about 15 times higher than the nuclear bus dropped by the US on Hiroshim in 1945.

Earthquake in california

According to the prophecy of Nostradamus, a catastrophic earthquake will destroy the 'New World'. California can be called its logical place, where it can happen. Nastredamus' predictions about natural disasters and tragedies have come true before.

Brain chip

To save mankind, American soldiers will be transformed into cyborgs, at least at the mind level. Brain chip will be used for this. This chip will work to increase the biological intelligence of human brain. This means that we will include artificial intelligence in our intelligence and body.

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