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There are more than 9000 vacancies for teachers in schools Teacher vacancy. There are more than 121 teachers in the language. Due to vacancies of teachers in the primary schools of the state, more than 3000 vacancies of teachers are having a serious impact on education. Sought in RTI. According to the details of important subjects in Std. 6 to 8, it can be said that in Std. Not a teacher. There is a vacancy in Std. 6 to 8 about how long it will take for a large number to fill this vacancy. In Std. 6 to 8, there are more teachers in the language sought in RTI, while the information has not been answered. Space is vacant in the remaining subjects. Due to the long-standing vacancy of a teacher in the state, which affects education in schools from Std. However, the government had not yet arrived. In response to which the department has not filled these vacancies. Currently vacancy details are given. Online education does not affect the space provided by the department. But according to the details, in the new academic session from Std. 1 of the state, the load on other teachers is vacant due to 58 vacancies in these vacant schools. While Std. 6 to 8 will increase to 8 and education space is vacant for students. Besides, it is difficult to get in Std. 6 to 8.

Even after 5 rounds, 8,000 seats out of 14,000 remain vacant. Now, merit will be reduced to fill the seats of government colleges. As a result, the cut-off will be decided in the coming days. In addition to the number of colleges, self-reliant science colleges have also been counted. That is, the distribution of PINs has been started anew. If 60 per cent admissions in the college have been stopped, the seats will not be filled. Now the seats have been handed over to the colleges to fill the seats. Is. To complete the two rounds of admissions for 2200 seats in the college for allotment of admissions on vacant seats, the university has invited more than 32 applications from the university. At present, more than 525 MSc students are being considered for the 14,000 seats available in the Science College. The seat is empty. For this meeting, it is now Navgujarat time> Ahmedabad. There have been five so far by the admissions committee. As per the rules, the government and grant-aided PIN distribution from 12th to 14th December has been rounded up in the coming days. More rounds will be held if the fifth college seats are vacant recently. With this the self-reliance is determined. New students these days - the round connected with Gujarat University has been completed. This has to do with five. The current situation is that a large number of seats are vacant in five colleges. Will be able to register and at the end of the approximately 14 thousand seat rounds of the old students Science Colleges have been done more than 8 thousand seat rounds. The power to fill this seat will now have to be given directly to the colleges to consent to the admission. There are five rounds vacant so far for the 13th Choice Filling and the 19th Provisional Filling. The members of the admissions committee say that if we do more rounds now, even if the difficulty increases, the merit list will be announced. Even after being finalized on the 23rd, about 8,000 seats which are vacant are still granted and government. Due to which it is not granted and government. However, the final decision will be made on the next meritlist and college allotment. The seat is empty. The number of seats in the grant-aided colleges will also be officially announced in days to fill the vacancies of the colleges

Important announcement about CBSE next exam will be made on 17th. Priority Education Minister tweeted and asked to discuss with teachers on 17th. Official announcement about Std. 10 and 12 exams is likely to be taken. . Apart from the Central Board of Secondary Education, other decisions regarding the board examination (CBSE) will also be announced for the next board examination. It is to be noted that an important announcement will be made on December 15. The examination for the Central Board, which was held this year, was started by the Education Minister in February by tweeting on December 16 and was completed by the end of March to make important announcements about the examination. However, this time said to be coming. On this day, they will also discuss with the teachers as there is very little time left for the examination. The Std. 10 students of the board got enough time for preparation and will be informed in advance for the last few to take the Std. 12 examination. Rumors have been circulating for days that the board's exams will be announced at a meeting in February, sources said, adding that it would be difficult to take them back two months. Probably next to the board. The issues are likely to be decided by the minister before the board exams, including taking the exams two months back. As there was confusion in the minds of parents and students about the opinion of many students and parents regarding the upcoming CBSE board exam, the Union Education Minister made 18 attempts. In which the board exam has been spreading rumors for the last few days about the important announcement to be made in December and how it should be taken. Recently, someone said that the board exam will be held from March 15. The vote was known. After that, the practical examination will begin and the datasheet was also tweeted by the Minister of Social Education to get the opinion of the students, which was made public in the media. However, it was a hoax that on December 15, the board will officially state that they have a datasheet with the teachers to give practical exams to the student school. There was another arrangement for him to take the board exam if he could go important. Thus, the next board exam will be announced. Issues, including sources, are also being discussed.

It was decided that the headmaster of the state schools would now be considered in the academic cadre, instead of education only the higher નું 200-200-200 academic will be considered in the Gujarat state main cadre. In addition to the pay scale and direct recruitment, like the teachers made by the teachers' union, the decision to consider the cadre of head teachers as 200-300-200 was also taken as a vacation. However, it is learned that the headmaster's cadre should be considered as vacation only by the head teachers who have been changed in the setup like the teacher and other options for the cadre of the headmaster are still being considered in the government. Will be given. According to the information received from the Assistant Education, it has been decided to give the higher salary of 12-13 to the Gujarat Inspector of State Headmasters' Association, taluka and standard. Navgujarat time> Was. If the representations are made to the government later, then the financial loss will be justified by taking the questions of the Gujarat State Chief HTAT regarding the teacher. Was stated. The headmaster will be done in any semi-direct manner following which the government will pass his type of departmental examination. It may also be decided by the union that the Assistant Education Inspector has been appointed by resolving the examination questions and giving higher pay scale without proper decision. Changed to over setup. In which the headmaster was stated by the union. Alternatives are being considered by the government for the existing head teachers as the other cadre was formerly a promoted teacher.

If GTU refuses to take online exam, then Gujarat Uni. Online exams will be taken as there is no noticeable situation regarding semester exams in the state universities. That's because of the corona, professors say! Thus, different Uni. The Department of Education has not clarified on the issue of whether to take the exam or not. As a result, the decision is being made by the students in their own way. Is doing. Not only that, the condition of Saurashtra students is the only Gujarat GTU in the state of Kafodi state. Gujarat took more offline exams of more students which was currently the only offline university recently online. Similarly, Guru Gobind University has announced to take the exam of the state's higher education department. And offline m, both the exam and Bhavnagar University also started taking colleges and taking the exam against the university's announcement to take the exam. No notice was given about the student taking the offline exam for online. Thus, having all these universities is currently creating a different state. The important thing is done. Surprisingly, Gujarat University is taking decisions in its own way if a student can take an offline exam and take the exam from different universities. Gujarat Technological University also had to go through four stages to create an inconsistency due to which even the professors themselves were protesting against the online exam of more students. Is! However, why the university authorities have not organized the offline exam. Because, this time a university is asking the question that four lakh students can insist to take the exam online. This is not an online exam. Also kept from mobile. If the GTU authorities are not ready to take the security exam in the system of giving the student's exam offline in addition to the online, then the colleges have also decided to take the exam if the student can take the exam. Even the demand that the online exam should be allowed as it is not one can not be done if various universities postpone the exam. Have been currently in this position. Thus, the level is rising in both the universities.

The camp was held under the chairmanship of Rajkot DPEO. After the camp, there were 40 vacancies in Dhoraji, 6 vacancies in Upleta. The remaining teachers in Rajkot will be included in other talukas through the district camp. In 11 talukas of the district, after the government primary teacher sarbhar camp, in Dhoraji, government primary, i.e. Std. So the teacher compensation camp was started. Teachers can be accommodated in Dhoraji even after the camp. Can be accommodated after camp. However, there were vacancies for 540 teachers in primary and 6 teachers in Upleta and 40 teachers in upper primary. 20 then 10 seats remained vacant in upper primary. Rajkot DPEO in both the talukas. D.R. The space was empty. The teachers in Upleta will be called to the district camp in the same way. . In Dhoraji, the camp of 6 teachers was held only on Friday. At that time, the camp was held at various places in other talukas. In which there would be 6 vacancies against the killing of a teacher, but there were only 6 vacancies to accommodate the growing number of teachers. So that will be given to 3 teachers only.

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