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Examining the pre-service curriculum in the context of teachers' performance in practice, it is clear that teachers do not really assimilate certain aspects of the curriculum. For example, diversity and their special needs, commitment to achieve the goal of providing free compulsory education to children under 14, or the role of local participation in promoting children's education, especially those from disadvantaged groups Not fully understood yet.

Some methods associated with teaching-learning work are not properly applied in practice. For example traditional and modern teaching - use of study material, planning other educational activities. Parental involvement is very important to develop the image of the students. Which should be mentioned strongly in the syllabus. In addition, it is necessary to introduce new activities in the field of education (new horizons open the mind, such as quality improvement, minimum level of study, vocational education, value education, etc.), and so it describes the capabilities It is very important to present the subject in a given language. It will be Diwali. This will help you understand what you want to achieve. It will be felt whether they have succeeded in bringing M to the student-teacher's hometown.


 They will be able to do the same on the mother-in-law. As one gets the opportunity to succeed, the result is motivated to reach a higher level of attainment. When he is aware of it; And by constant practice he succeeds in assimilating it. It is expected that in-service teachers will also be able to assimilate it if it is done in a language that describes the content and capabilities of the in-service curriculum. Types of abilities The following ten abilities are defined in teacher-training: (1) Reference abilities (2) Conceptual abilities (4) Curriculum selection ability-9) Ries PP.


Be able to evaluate and improve the planning and implementation of curricula as well as other educational activities. Encourage students to study independently based on guidance, receive teaching-learning materials and develop an understanding of how to use them. Students will be able to adopt continuous assessment method to achieve the required level. Understand the principles and methods behind getting the support of others both inside and outside the school. O Be able to form relationships with parents for the development of students.

Collaborate with the community and various other development organizations to make the school a center for the development of the respective site. The aim of the business will be to achieve excellence and adhere to core values. In practice we will make sincere efforts to adopt a value-based approach. Course Topics During the pre-service course, a certain theoretical background must have been created in the minds of the student-teachers.

 Pre-service training and teaching work experience will also develop in them the skills and attitudes necessary for a teacher's profession. Now they need to increase the knowledge they have acquired, reinforce the right attitude and sharpen professional skills. This will require appropriate syllabus. To bring the expected change in the behavior of students.

  • Taluka Name: Write the name of the taluka where the pay center resides.
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  •  DOB (Date of Birth): Write the date of birth of the applicant here.
  •  Account Entry Date: Select the date after entering the account here.
  •  School Admission Date: Once you enter the variety here, select the date.
  •  School leaving date: Once you exit the faculty, select the date here.
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         Rules for changing this post are given during this post. The principles of this change will change as you come, once you create a neighborhood and move to a different district, these rules should be followed and conformed to these rules, these rules vary. , So you will read it. You will realize which rules will apply to you. Rules for HTAT replacement are provided during this post. Currently, all H.A.T.S. That those on duty in primary schools from 2011 onwards will be replaced by their demand or increase. The principles of this change will come to you, when you go to one district and participate in another district, these rules should be followed and conform to these rules, these rules are different, so you will read this . You will know which rules apply to you.

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