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Every day, students will be provided home learning study materials through social media platform and DD Girnar in August 2018. Video of study material Standard 3 to 12 DD Girnar / Diksha Portal Video. Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training (GCERT) is a leading state. Latest tweets from Doordarshan Girnar (ddgirnarlive). ... Home Learning Classes: Educational Program.

Science activities help young learners of all ages understand important concepts, and these science activities for children give them the opportunity to discover something new. What's more, science activities are fun! Some, like Blake, are messy. The other is impressive, like the classic erupting volcano project. Whatever activity you are trying, your child will develop new skills as they make predictions and make observations. Your child's interests are nowhere to be found, we have a science experiment that will give him something cool and make him smile.

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When COVID-1 in the Indian subcontinent at the end of January. No initial cases were reported, and in the months that followed, many would expect its future course and its impact on every aspect of human life. Yet here we are five months later, and our world has changed dramatically. Everything from board meetings to grocery shopping is now being done online via laptop or smartphone, exposing our heavy reliance on stable internet availability.

Given this massive change within the established order, it is clear that technologies, especially the Internet, have remained central to our development and adaptability within the COVID-19 era. However, it is public knowledge that technological-driven change was going on before the epidemic hit us.

Covid-19 Effect: Spreading the wave within the e-learning ecosphere

While we have established that the web education sector is growing rapidly even before the Kovid-1p epidemic, it is safe to say that the contagion has accelerated this growth at an incredible rate. Learning Physical presence in the classroom through online learning is attributed to new methods of teaching. Students avoid having their teachers and classmates physically present in the same room, so, in this age of protection and social distance, online learning is essentially the only way to learn.

The top 100 universities within the country were permitted to start out online courses in May, without the necessity to hunt approval from education regulators. States like Karnataka announced their own policies to form online education accessible.

Educational institutions across the planet have stopped thanks to the COVID-19 epidemic that endangered tutorial calendars. Most of the educational institutes have shifted to learning online learning platform to continue the tutorial activities. However, the questions on readiness, designing and effectiveness of e-learning are not clearly understood, especially for a developing country like India, where technical constraints such as device suitability and bandwidth availability are a significant challenge. During this study, we specialize in understanding the understanding of agricultural students and their preference for web education through a web survey of 307 students. We have also explored student preferences for the various features of the classes online, which can be helpful in styling an effective online learning environment. 

The results indicate that the majority of respondents (70%) are able to choose online classes to conduct the course during this epidemic. Most scholars prefer to use smart phones for online learning. Using content analysis, we found that students prefer recorded classes with quizzes at the top of each class to increase learning effectiveness. Scholars opined that the flexibility and convenience of online classes makes it an attractive option, while questions of broadband connectivity in rural areas make it challenging for college children to use the online learning initiative.

The initial start, in which no degree was awarded, continued until June 2, 1915. The second annual commencement took place the following year and saw the awarding of a primary degree: one academic degree and two doctoral degrees. The AU accepted both women and African Americans, who were unusual in education at the time. Five of the first 28 students were women, while one American doctoral student was admitted in 1915.

Due to Kovid, 19 educational institutions like schools and colleges are closed now. Summer vacation ends on June 7, 2020. Schools are not opening at present so the education department of Gujarat government has started a program for students called Home Learning.

Dedicated home learning content is available at DD Girnar. GCERT and team have prepared video content for students STD 3 to 8, and 9 to 12, video content is available on DD Girnar channel. Students can get education live on their TV set on DD Girnar channel.

 Everyone agrees that education is very important. The point is that we cannot be particularly sure that the purpose of education is to prepare us for the challenges of adult life. However, from this point of view it is clear that schools all fail except in small parts. Facing the challenges of life in their students whether they are in higher education private schools or facing difficulties run by deprived government is really widespread.

 Not necessarily building more schools, hiring more teachers or making exams more difficult means that there should be more focus on the real purpose of education, there are two basic functions in which it helps us: to work and to build good relationships. In view of these requirements for sustainability the future national curriculum clarifies that the following topics should be studied First, capitalism A conspiratorial silence surrounds the economic system around which we live, it is difficult for us to change its bad sides or defend its powers because That we just don’t understand how it works should a subject like math be prepared to teach its 99% number usefulness. 

Population dealing with money, such classes will weaken the global economy by teaching students the importance of means of production and how to make a profit, the role of cashflow, HR leadership, marketing and competition will also be studied in a complete school system. ‘D also then study yourself another really big subject, young students will be introduced to the idea that we humans are very likely to misunderstand ourselves, they will be taken up by the notions of illusion, defense projection and rejection in everyday life will be on hand Doing so helps students move toward personality maps with a particular focus on their neurosis and fear, ensuring that students learn a lot about how complex they really are and what kind of people would be best suited for them to move with the critical unit. will be devoted to knowledge.










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