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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday urged the youth to develop the qualities of confidence and introspection, saying that the new education police announced by their government earlier this year was the objective. At the Centenary celebrations of Lucknow University, he said, "The aim of the new national education policy is to get to know the youth of the country by themselves."

This notion was dealt with by RTE's original framers, who argued that exams create unnecessary pressure, and detention resulting from exams is unhealthy for children. Without changing anything about the teaching-learning process, put the children back in the classrooms where they have failed to learn. This leads to abandonment of children. In addition, detention of children in early classrooms comes very early as early failures'; And for that reason, detention should be prohibited in primary school.

Classes 6 and 7 of primary schools were murdered in Porbandar. In this regard, District Education Officer or STD 9 and D Kansagara in Porbandar district said that two teachers in classrooms of 6 schools have to be stopped, with classes of 20 to 5 having fewer than 20 students so that the classes were merged. However, the burden on the government also increases. Some of the merged schools are in the 5 km limit against the merger and political leaders who have protested and merged with the school have demanded reconsideration from the new semester. Standard 5 courses will also be introduced in these merged schools so that students do not have to go far.

The decision of 14 schools of Porbandar Taluka, Ranavav or Government, includes 4 schools of District Taluka and 3 Schools of Kutiana Taluka, Chairman of the Executive Committee. However, in all these Manjuben Karwada and Taluka schools, education of protest standard has been started regularly by the former president of Panchayats 1 to 8. Political leaders protest against the merger

Ahmedabad: Students coming to GSHSEB GSHSEB were able to get 9 out of 30 marks in SSC exam this year. The names of about 15,500 students, some of whom scored 9 out of 30, have been excluded. Due to such disparity in the performance of board examination, there is a ground-sky difference in the marks of a large number of children. The students were forced to do very well in the school's state board of education internal examination. So the result of their board examination given by the school is irregular in weak internal marking system. If 21 grading marks are required, probabilities can be examined. The focus of the Board during this period was on internal marking for such education officers during the discussion of students such as SSC - Conservation Board. These students have been ordered to submit 30 out of 50 marks in the internal mark of the report immediately after conducting the evaluation given by the school.

n 3 January 2019, Parliament amended section 16 of the Right to Education (RTE) Act, known as the 'No Detention Policy' (NDP). For all children, regardless of their readiness, the policy guaranteed promotion through classes 1-8. Now in the revised policy, states have been allowed to make rules that can reintroduce detention in class 5 or class 8.

The rationale provided for the amendment is as follows: With guaranteed promotion, students and teachers do not feel any compulsion to learn or teach, which would adversely affect learning. Subtext is being done - high stakes help in learning the exams.

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