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You can use this app to save dashboard data, test and exam points, fee details, library data, parental instructions, school photos, PDF files, website and blog list etc. If you have Jio, Vodafone, Idea or Airtel Unlimited Plan you can also send 100 SMS. The data saved in this app will automatically appear in the student app. And students will be able to see their progress report. You can easily enter data by uploading Excel file according to the template defined in the app. If the message is not going from your mobile or the SIM is not selected in your mobile, then select the MANUAL option when you login.

You can use this app to save dashboard data, test and exam marks, fee details, library data, parent instructions, school photos, pdf file, website and blog list etc. You can send 100 sms also if u have jio, vodafone, idea or airtel unlimited plan.The data saved in this app will come automatically in the student app. And the students will be able to see the report of their progress. You can easily enter the data by uploading the Excel file as per the prescribed template in the app. If the message is not going from your mobile or SIM is not selected in your mobile then select MANUAL option at login.

Registration for e-school courses is done by a faculty member (site facilitator) in your school. All schools determine which faculty member will be a site facilitator. This is the way to get started and oriented with our online system.

how to get started

The recommended method for registration is for the student and counselor or site facilitator to simultaneously view the course offerings and decide whether any of them meet the student's needs. If there are desired courses, the counselor or site facilitator ensures that the student understands that online courses take a lot of work and discipline - different from the usual in-class learning situation (not necessarily difficult - but sometimes - Sometimes - it may just take more inspiration. And personal drive.)

With careful selection of courses and a firm understanding by the student of the due diligence, the site facilitator will register the student for a particular course. If the course is closed / filled, a student may be placed on the waiting list.

Orientation course

Successfully completing a teacher-facilitated online training course requires students enrolled in an e-school course for the first time.

The student orientation course provides instruction on being an effective online student and how to use our Blackboard curriculum management system. Orientation training can be obtained once you register for the course and receive their confirmation email. Failure to successfully complete orientation by the stipulated date will result in students being removed from their registered courses before the commencement of the session.


E-school is a complete school ERP software covering all the area of ​​school administration and teaching learning activities. E-School provides you with a single integrated software with billing, accounting, payroll, examination, administration, attendance, library, learning management system (LMS) and SMS modules. E-School is a cloud based solution that lets you efficiently manage the day to day activities of your school in any size school / college integrated with mobile applications.

An online school (virtual school or e-school or cyber-school) teaches students entirely or mainly online or through the Internet. ... This type of learning enables individuals to earn transferable credits, take accredited examinations or advance to the next level of education on the Internet.

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