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What do I have to do to get a discount on the EMI of the loan for the next three months? Know all the information

In the wake of the Corona crisis, RBI Governor Shaktikant Das on Friday extended the loan moratorium deadline by three months. This means that if you have taken a home loan or an auto loan, you have more than three months to stop your EMI. The first was from March to May for three months.

Most banks have already said so. According to the public plan, it will charge interest for the next six months after the moratorium period. This means that there is a double problem for borrowers. Most of the people whose income has been affected by the lockdown. On the other hand, it facilitates RBI's loan moratorium. The amount of their EMI will increase or the number of EMI will increase more than before.

You can take these three options

Option No. 1: The first option states that the interest incurred on giving EMI in moratorium period will be paid simultaneously in June.

Option No. 2: Any interest earned during this period is added to the rest of the loan. It is divided into increased EMI. Simply put, if you have taken a loan of about Rs 29 lakh for 20 years, the EMI per month is close to Rs 25,225. If you have missed 12 EMIs, you have 228 EMIs left.

If you choose the moratorium option then avoid three months EMI then your three months EMI will be around 25,650 instead of 25,225. And your EMI will be 228.

Option No. 3: EMI should not be changed but loan limit should be increased. Simply put, if you have taken a loan of around Rs 20 lakh for 20 years. On top of this the EMI per month will be around Rs 25225. So far you have filled 12 EMIs and 228 left. But if you choose the moratorium option then avoid EMI for 3 months then after three months your EMI will be around Rs 25650 instead of Rs 25225. Here your EMI will be 238 instead of the time limit. That means you will have an additional burden of 7 EMIs. Understand that people will exceed your EMI limit by 10 months.

Option-4: Let you cut the EMI normally as before.

1- State Bank of India
EMI will be stopped only at the request of the customer

How to stop EMI: To stop EMI of a loan, you have to send an email to the bank.

2- Canara Bank
EMI will be stopped only at the request of the custome

How to stop EMI: Write 'NO' on 8422004008 on SMS sent by the bank, if SMS is not received send EMI on retailbankingwing@canarabankcustom

3- ICICI Bank
In case of two-wheeler, business, farm and jewelery loans, your EMI will be stopped, in other loans, it will be at the behest of the customers.

How to stop EMI: Go to the bank's website by looking at the options and send an SMS or email like this

4- Central Bank of India
Default option: EMI will be stopped automatically.

How to give EMI: Contact the bank to continue EMI.

5- Bank of Baroda

Default option: EMI will be stopped automatically. But if the customer has given the mandate from ECM / NACH / Standing Instruction, the bank will respect the customer's mandate.

How to stop EMI: To stop EMI, the bank has to send an EMI or a letter.

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