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Gujarat corona update 10-4-2020 8 P. m.

Gujarat corona update 10-4-2020 8 P. m. 

Ventilator Care Training To provide 
ventilator K2 training to state's doctors and paramedical staff at state medical colleges. Started on 1/3/5. And Ta. 5 health workers have been trained by 7/9/3. Helpline and facility of telemedicine 0 helpline number 100 has been launched in 0 states. Isolation or home quarantined beneficiary patients are provided by this helpline for 90 hours. B. B. S, M. D, the physician will provide tlie medicine, tally counseling and tally counseling by a clinical psychologist and psychiatrist. In addition, The Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute has also recently provided telemedicine facilities in the wake of the lockdown due to corona epilepsy. For this, the number of tele-medicine can be obtained by calling 1-8 numbers between 9:00 am and 00:00 in the morning. 0 hrs As of 9/1/9, this helpline has received up to 90 calls which have been provided with the call. Isolation wards have been started with advanced equipment including ventilators. At present, there are more than 300 Isolation beds available in Sari Kari Hospital in the state. And more than 5 bed arrangements are available at private hospitals. In addition to this, more bed-raising facilities are in the works. To ensure that the information of SARI cases is immediately available from all the hospitals and doctors of the state, Dr. TeCHO Application has been launched. Under which 5 private doctors have been registered. The State Government has created a special procurement agreement for the immediate availability of all drugs, equipment, manpower and any other necessary items, services needed in the process of transmitting the current Novel Corona virus (COV-1) in the state. In the state, 100 beds have been set up at Ahmedabad, 2 at Vadodara, Rajkot and 100 beds at Surat and 3 beds at all districts. Thus, the state will have to increase the bed size of 4 beds to be used only for coronary patients. State Control Room Phone No: 1 - 3 (Health), 3 - 4 (SEOC)

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