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Why is the Gujarat government hiring fixed-pay? Said because your throat won't go down

After hundreds of issues in the Supreme Court, the Gujarat government has filed an affidavit in a case against fixed wage policy. In which the government has stated that the government has hired employees under the fiscal policies to reduce the state's public debt and fixed pay policy-FPS. As such, FPS employees and regular regular employees are not the same!

The Gujarat government has challenged the ruling of the Gujarat High Court to justify the employees on the principle of 'equal work-equal pay', dismissing the fixed-pay policy. This judicial process, which has been in operation since year 1, is at its final stage. Such a talented team is deploying millions of employees across the state, including Fix-Pay.

The government has stated in the affidavit that after the implementation of this law, the government started the Fix Pay Scheme-FPS on February 7. As a result, between 5 and 6 years, 6,3,6 employees were employed at various places in the government from FPS. If FPS had not been implemented then only 5,3,6 employees could have been employed in the government! Then employment would have declined. In this way, the government took advantage of the debt relief package by accepting the recommendations of the Finance Commission. Due to this, there was a saving of about Rs 1 crore in debt and interest payments in Year 3.

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