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This application also happens to be chatting when the internet is off, use when the Internet is off

This application also happens to be chatting when the internet is off, use when the Internet is off 

There has been no significant difference in the suspension of internet services in many areas of the country, however, to prevent protests across the country against the citizenship research law. Demonstrators are believed to be using an application called FireChat to exchange messages. This app can run even without internet. Perhaps this is why this application has become a headache for the government, as the protests are not taking the name of stopping.
The suspicion of easily messaging through the Fire Chat mobile app without the Internet became overwhelming when the app was trending on the Google Play Store amid recent protests. Up to 1 million people have downloaded the Fire Chat app from the Google Play Store so far. This app can work even without internet. This app works via Bluetooth and WiFi,
Internet services were suspended in most parts of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh during violent protests on Thursday, but several places failed to stop the mob from gathering. Without FireChat, mobile phones can communicate with FireChat users around the network.

FireChat Features: -
This is a free mobile messaging app. Which does not require any signal or mobile Internet to use.
In order to chat with another person, they need to have the Fire Chat application installed on their mobile.
Bluetooth and WiFi should only be enabled for sending and receiving messages when not connected to a mobile network.
The more people use them, the more their network expands.
Through this app, text and photos can be sent up to 200 feet apart.
The messages sent through this app are encrypted and only the sender-receiver can read them.
This app is also called the democratic app.

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