Check If Your Whatsapp is Safe?

Check If Your Whatsapp is Safe?
The most popular instant messaging app WhatsApp for the past several days has encountered data leaks. More than 1,400 users of WhatsApp fell victim to spyware created by Israeli company NSO Group. There are also 121 Indian users. In addition, a bug was encountered a few days ago. In which hackers were trying to hack users' account through MP4 video files.

After this hacking, WhatsApp advised its users to update WhatsApp. Earlier, attempts were being made to hack users through missed video calls. In it, hackers used to place spyware on an unknown number of users by calling an unknown number. With the help of this spyware hackers were collecting users' private information.

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team released an advisory for Indian users a few days ago. That said, you should install the latest update of your WhatsApp to avoid any cyber-attacks. That raises the question of whether your WhatsApp is secure. So you can easily check through these necessary steps.

The Computer Emergency Response Team-India (CERT-In) has issued an advisory in this context calling the severity of the threat, being spread by an MP4 file, as "high."

The advisory comes in the backdrop of recent developments where WhatsApp had informed the Indian government in September that over hundred Indian users were targeted by the Israeli spyware -- Pegasus.

First of all, make sure that you check. Whether your WhatsApp is the latest version. For this you need to go to the Settings option in the app. In it you will find the option of help. Clicking on the Help button will show you a tab of your Info. Clicking on App Info will show you its version. If your app version is below 2.19.274 then you need to update to the latest version.

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