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25 May, 2019



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The criminal proceeding law is not 1e [1e1]? Section 144 - - In Macau / Paramat 63, 209, Ramayyasar, in his own right, is the owner of the Damir kaag unit, which is being planted in his statutory rules. In the past, there is such a pda nayu pad in the city of Ahmedabad that in the past, there is nothing like this that according to the norm, 3 types of security resources and amendments to the protection of 'objection certificate (Not; human life due to non-existent organizations; In the city of Ahmedabad, the leader was prevented from leaving the children. All the tuition classes will be available in Chawlich and residential areas, according to the powers conferred to Section 14 of ACP, Commissioner of Police, Ahmedabad, under the supervision of all the tuition classes. 5 / EC1% Hours, from 02/02/08 to Locker 4 00 I am completely prohibited. 'During the period of time, the objection certificate of the yoga authority of the security arrangement of the security system' {fe c It will be considered for operational air after presenting the proof and providing proof of proof to the residents of Vasavil Fire B, then the above mentioned above will be done by the government and recognized educational institutions. The Libyan solid code of the above order will be subject to section 188. Baman is on the specially-appointed police commissioner's dararnani in Ahmedabad commissioner's office. This is the crux of the jadharanam to all the rulers who have defeated the sinners. Let's According to Article 5 - 188, the complaints are authorized to be accepted. It is not possible to actively display the notice, so that the people of the car will be informed of the Rathanik Newspapers, al-Kawapani, and the Center at the center and the pythons and pawns. A copy of the order will be processed on the notice board of Assistant Police Commissioner and Deputy Police Commissioner and Police Commissioner's office, and the copy of the order will be made more widely available in place of easily visible space. According to the Gujarat Police Act, Article 553, the official also authorized Zanday to sign the order in the name of one of the villagers: On 017, I signed my signature and Sikkim. . A Singh Police Commissioner Ahmedabad City


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