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10 years - In the change of the talukas due to Taluka year, due to talukas, the teachers who have been trained in their talukas should fall in the taluka when the place falls. »When the talukas are fired due to the cancellation of appointments from the Samaria / BRC, According to the change in bringing about the talukas, 3) Elementary teachers working at the place of 6 to 8 in the slum-replacement camp. It is the policy of the primary department, when the year arises, when it is vacant, the language of the upper primary language and social science is vacant, and the change in the change of the teacher of the age at that place. 4) When the teacher / CRC / BRC teacher gets the language of pre-ICICI in the taluka, the background of social science will arise. Regarding the change of age 5) Missing - Change in the premises of the teacher in the camp, if the teacher is ready to go to another teacher, the change in the change in the teacher is changed. 6) In the case of resignation or resignation of the CRC / BRC, CRC / BRC is the first school or taluka Regarding the change in the benefit of the original school and the original Talukas, which are on deputation from 0, the representative of CRC / BRC To make changes to the teacher taking advantage of such an option to consider the benefits of his earlier school's sanitation, in the new district.

In order to change the benefits of the option to the teachers who have attained the qualification in the upper primary section, 10) the current appointment to CRC / BRC is the first in the wing or shift camp in the upper primary section. 11) In the case of slaughter-stones, in case of a teacher going out of taluka, in the case of Taluka's seniority, Regarding the change in the year-wise counting, 12) If there is no change in the area because of the absence of homestead in the replacement of the district fair, then it is necessary to remove the provision of homestead. 13) Provision of a time limit in relation to blood if the provision of the homestead is preserved. Regarding the change in the provision of change without seeing. 14) If the change in district fair cannot be done in the district of the native, then the Teacher's Complaint will be made in his native place. Regarding the change in the change in the situation in the nearest district. 15) To determine the rules and regulations of the teachers, 16) Increase in the quantity - According to the previous circular, 10% of the children are suffering due to the decrease. 17) In case of a change in the matter of compensating the losses of 31/5 places on the campus, the change in the matter will be done. 18) As per the district change shift, priority is 50% and seniority is 50% as talukas To make changes in giving the benefits of the same in the internal transit camp, 20) In case of change in the condition of giving the benefit of the land to the people of the age of the year or older in the service of the change, 20) In relation to the change in the bond-based recruitment of Vidyasiks, 22) The teachers who want to take an option in the upper primary section are allowed to open U.U. B. If there is a higher study done in the middle then, it is necessary to change the benefit of the option without the permission of the study approval. 28) For the teachers who have not received their original district due to the lack of proper positions in the district division, again,


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