The government will keep 50 lakh children and teachers in primary school from Videocol

Posted by on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The government will keep 50 lakh children and teachers in primary school from Videocol.

For the first time in the country, more than 50 lakh students studying in primary schools and more than 150,000 teachers will be able to take care of the state government's control room directly from videococals. The state government has introduced the method of online presence of teachers and teachers in primary education. After its success, this new method is being adopted.

According to the primary education secretary Vinod Rao, the new control room will be inaugurated by Chief Minister Visby Rupani on June 9. More than two thousand videococals every day from this new control room will be used to test the presence of teachers and students.

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Using technology, the student and the teacher are actually present in the class. Monitoring will also be done on how much improvement in their quality of subjects in which the students are weak. The state's education department has noticed that despite the presence of many students and teachers in the classroom, they have also noticed that they are absent.

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In such cases, the possibility of new technology can be checked through the control room. This technology will prove to be very useful for the school admission and the part of the Gunotsav. On the ninth day, more than 4,000 tablets will be given to CRC and BRC teachers at the inauguration by the Chief Minister. Because of this, their every moment can be seen online

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