Rajyni binsarkari anudanit Madhyamika Ane Uchchatar madhaymik Shalama Principal Ni Bharti prakriya Babat No Paripatra

Rajyni binsarkari anudanit Madhyamika Ane Uchchatar madhaymik Shalama Principal Ni Bharti prakriya Babat No Paripatra.

District education is the subject of recruitment of the subject in this year's recruitment in the respected secondary and higher secondary school.On this Katharine, number one / A1 / Humanity 2014 is 15 pack M 6 (Date: 088) 2018 + 2. A letter is issued in the letter and May ', That Or paring letter in the letter 1,  mood u  The letter no. Of the office: PAN / Honor - 1, II.  Is that in the 6th chapter of the Cherry, in The Unto - 1 / 2L1 8 1 2 4] 51 (Rule 25, 58) (Office of the Office of the Order; The Ana - 6, Month / 2 T 13501 - (03 / /) (That is, in the letter no. 6 and 8 - 8538 - 5 (E / 7 / Re 08: (:) in the letter of the letter, in the letter no. / 21] (e 'in Cherry's Letter No. The E E "' 'in 1 84768 - Con 5 th Tactus 3 204 Due to this, the above mentioned Nashua believes. I / O H. i.e. A Su Ti 1. In the Secondary School O, in the education department's Dt. 17/2017, as well as the improvement in the time of drastically improving progress, under the recruitment process, in public, by the state level committee. A, allocation of candidates for the district level welfare selection committee interview in the vacant posts of the memorial, under which the following instructions should be given to the candidates about the following: According to that, it is only because of the presence of the person that he is born. You can not afford to type car in 11 rooms. Every district has the pleasure of 'Interactive' process where the rule 2! The same floor will be of 1 row, so choose one of the different types of shops: The cafĂ© for the convenience of the guest house is available. If you think that you will be able to take part in the interview, then you will be able to get your ear pierced, and if there is a discussion of the cost of the talk, then you will get it according to the location of the King of the land selection committee. $? Every District Education Officer should bear the burden of interviewing the applicants of their own Jaina Kiruna or K-e-Candidate in their respective districts. To do so, take a look at Eli 7 khaki or Ba Ka India. E.C. I'm not sure if I'm going to go to school or not, but I'm not sure if I'm going to go to school or not. Education Insurance 25/13/1 2, according to a claim like Kandahar, the selection of the Gao Smith's Rep. 8 2.  It is known to dedicate the existence of a political life in the mind of a married woman, in the case of the present rights committee, on the condition that the value of the tax is 3 percent. But in the pre-6 committee, the education of the Woman Pro is mandatory from Head 1 to compulsory. Should also be scattered. It is Radha, who has interviewed Jai Phi, let her. That's the voice of the speech slurry. Key 13 taluks from the area of ​​the ears do not fall asleep L formation of 10 Rasht.

[2 Min. Ji. I have to do the same thing as a key R-E. Be - key for the delivery of the school of congenital heart. Curry Flights 25 / d / wi '$ = Wing yes, fun is also a threat machine and made in every night drift? ! - TAT / 10. Just like the wound. Provision of Harry Mammoth or Way of the Year - In. . . ! 3 is gone! } Ch) tv me, i, shadow 2 But every person has a family member who has seen a lamp on the small wall which does not have an inferiority complex. I do not want to do anything without investing in it, because I do not have any ram oil without investing in the taluka of the taluka. In the same way - the saint's tone is not enough for a person to die. He is the one who chooses to die. It does not have to be done by any other person, but it does not mean that the person is not able to do so. On the issue, there is a clearance from the FE in the District Council that the B Varanasi / other officer of any other category has copper uncle AT Park, enjoying the rituals (5) on the basis of entitlement in Tabriz May 25 212 Rama's title: Mecca, Candidate  Rein == = Do not throw it, therefore, select the district [add-ons] as per the least number of seats in the district only 8 (6) District hunting and 548 districts [Tina Paras and Tasks as District Secretary, Takashi = = Shia The person who is present in the Committee, who is present in the Committee, can do the same today - Mummies - A person's death. 2] Only two times, and Ron / selected, VI. | Only two of the Shadows In order to make the candidates eligible for the education of the school level and district level, the candidates will not be able to do the same in the second half of the year. Of 41 will be canceled on the first floor of the U.U. Of course, 8% of the writing fee has been reduced so that the nomination (at film price and nomination), the nomination of the nominee, the nomination of the candidate, Will be available in the school, where there is a check, which is D to Shri login, please do not accept the name of the donor, please click on my id: start, start the agreement, at any time, in any school, any candidate in any school will be selected. Bee is made of say ray. The mind E added every night to the coaches of some coaches It is important to note that in the last 10 years, it has been estimated that the number of deaths in the last 10 years has decreased from the previous year. To do this and to watch the tongue! Tu ma e shola is the best way to get rid of Wii's 8th carrier, which will be done at the + portal. Fifth 5th proceedings are to be held in the same district schools Stop queen during rima. learned by CaIIScanner the manifesto | No one of the above candidates is eligible for plan Pvt. | In the BI, it was the first time I had chosen a place in the first place or the only one. That is a word! 'Mapes 4] Item 1 I'm going to add six measurements to my mind. . Ill h you know Taft / o  , 1 of 'N' e - 6 of a country, from HP in the United States and in addition to the added war, R & D * / # H | What are you waiting for? So that I am my {10 / t Selection of Sami Rattan Guam 'Ryan Np / / 201 Kona Ji. There is no reason to believe that I am at home, but at the same time, there is a total of 17 criteria (tu | in mind + e. | | 4 | | au; if the 8th is a most of 1 gu n. There will be nothing that will remain 5. Play 10th RES "/ Pradesh * [The total guru's evaluation will be done, he will remain. [5 18]} 1 of 8 1 + 'TAT can be TI. 10th standard) 18. In any criterion Candidate should be given zero-10), it can be given to the selection committee of the state, according to the selection committee. What is the value of TAT - 01 4 / HVAC 05 05 for the purpose and purpose of the candidates by the animal husbandry and son of Munger? (Made the merit marks from 170 marks; By combining the merit marks or none The list of the first 3 candidates with most marks will be made in the first year and the District Select Committees will be able to register their names on the same basis.

Rajyni binsarkari anudanit Madhyamika Ane Uchchatar Madhyamika Shalama Principal Ni Bharti prakriya Babat No Paripatra.

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