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Shikshkone Rajanu Rokad ma Rupantar Babat News

Shikshkone Rajanu Rokad ma Rupantar Babat News.

Shikshkone Rajanu Rokad ma Rupantar Babat News.
Spain vs England important News
John Fashanu once recalled, thinking back to how a Wimbledon teammate by the surname of Jones had announced himself in the opening moments of the 1988 FA Cup final. “The tackle started at his throat and ended at his ankle.”
Eric Dier’s challenge on Sergio Ramoscame significantly later in proceedings at the Estadio Benito VillamarĂ­n on Monday night, some 11 minutes after the kick-off. Nor was it an attempt to maim Ramos in the same way you gut a shrimp, ripping out a central vein to break the skin and part the meat. Dier, unlike Jones, won the ball.The tackle itself is laughable. Dier begins his run up while still 20 yards away from Ramos, picking up speed as soon as the ball is played back towards his man. Dier accelerates more still when Ramos takes possession, aware that the window he has to send him arse over tit is rapidly closing. Luckily, Ramos’ first touch is poor and he soon sends a panicked glance Dier’s way while hastily bracing himself for impact.
The tackle is also brilliantly pointless. Given the force of the challenge, the area of the pitch that it is in, the lack of support from his teammates and the proximity of the byline, Dier has little hope of winning possession even if he executes the tackle perfectly. He will, at best, concede a goal kick.

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