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Gujarat is also called the "Jewel of the West" and there are many types of museums, forts, sanctuaries, temples and many interesting places which are not less than the feast for tourists. This place has a deep historical aspect, due to this there are many special places which are worth seeing, such as the heart chamber, the residence of Mahatma Gandhi, the relics of Lothal or the Indus Valley civilization, the Kirti temple or the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, the famous Halkeshwar temple of Badnagar And dholawaria etc. Tourists also like many religious places, such as Dwaraka, Pavagadh, Shamalji, Palitana Pavt and Jain Temple at Girnar Mountain. People who are interested in architecture and archeological monuments visit the wonderful monuments of Ahmedabad, Dabholi, Patan, Modhera etc. as well.

Tourists like to go to the shores of Satpura as well as to the coastal edges of Corvard, Tithal and Mandvi. Apart from this Gir Sanctuary and Kutch Sanctuary are the favorite places of nature lovers. Apart from these, many forts like Upakkot Fort, Nazar Bag Mahal, Dhobo Fort etc. and museums, such as Gandhi Memorial Museum, Gandhi Museum, Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery also see thousands of tourists every year.

Gujarat is the center of some of the most renowned and prestigious educational institutions in the country. With the opening of several elementary schools to promote basic education in the state, the government has started many programs of free education for children in the state. Many government and private schools in the state are affiliated to CBSE board and CISE board. Special education has been given to women education here. There are many institutes for higher education, such as Gujarat University, Saurashtra University, Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University etc. Some special institutions of Gujarat are.

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