Rakshabandhan 2018: This is a good part to build a grove; Learn.

Rakshabandhan 2018: This is a good part to build a grove; Learn.

All the brothers and sisters of the Raksha Bandhan festival eagerly await. The brother promises to protect his sister on a holiday this year. This time Rakshabandhan festival is celebrated on Sunday, August 26. There are many reasons for celebrating the Raksha Bandhan festival, the main reason for this is Shravan Purnima …

Raksha Bandhan festival is celebrated every year in the month of Shravan. In the year 2018 this tithi is August 26. For this reason, this festival of brother-sister’s affection will be celebrated on August 26. The best thing about this year is that there will be no confusion with Tithio at this time. Poonam’s tithi starts from 3:17 in the evening, which will last 5:26 minutes. Shravan Star is going on Saturday morning at 9:15 am, which will run on Sunday 4:20.

The Rakshakshan festival will be celebrated on August 26, even though the beginning of the 25th August 3:17 minutes will be celebrated on August 26, due to the completion of the sunrise of August 26, the full moon will be valid for 26 months. Saturday’s festival will not be celebrated as a sunrise on Saturday’s 14th day. The second thing is that on Saturday Poonam will have a Bhadra with Tithi. Since Sunday 4:20 onwards in Shravan constellation, this time it will be good to construct Sudha Dhari.

On the Raksha Bandhan this year a good situation is happening. In reality, for the first time in four years, the Raksha Bandhan does not have any influence of the Bhadra. According to Astrology, illiterate times are considered inauspicious times. That is, there is no good work till this yoga remains for some hours. In the meantime, there is no good fruit obtained by making haystack and burning work, according to the scriptures. The elite ends at the beginning of the day so that the rest of the day is auspicious. Thus you can celebrate the Rakshabandan festival throughout the day, so that the brothers will have the whole day to build a rug from sisters and priests.

Since the Raksha Bandhan does not have a predetermined time, it will be good to build a rug for the day. However, the sister avoided to build her brother in a shelter in Rahukkal. On Aug 26, wait for 4:30 to 6 pm. This time, the cane can be tied at any time other than the idle. Poonam will be 26 minutes at 5:26 pm.

On this day, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu is the birthday of Haigrim. For this, on the day of Raksha Bandhan, the worship of Lord Vishnu will be of special benefit. Goddess Laxmi was also contributing behind the hugrive life of Lord Vishnu, for this, worshiping Goddess Lakshmi with Lord Vishnu would lead to riches and wealth.

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