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  • School Profile
  • School Mape
  • School No Itihas
  • School Ni Suvidha
  • School ni Jaruriyat
  • Sixak Haqiqat Patrak
  • Student Mahiti Patrak
  • S.M.C Mahiti 
  • Varshik Ayojan
  • Samay patrak
  • School Logo
  • Teacher Wise Timetable
  • School Panchayat
  • Pravruti Samiti
  • Shanivarnu Ayojan
  • Sixak Javabdari
  • Vishesh pratibha Dharavta Balko
  • School Na Datao Ni Vigat
  • Prathna Sabha Ayojan
  • School Git

🖱️ Bhavnagar Nagar Sixan Samiti Sanchalit Ambika Prathmik Shala No:-3 School Profile.

School Profile Useful to All work in school data.all data entry end serchs engine Exam for Useful file for the planning of the school for the year 2018. This file has been prepared very beautifully. In this hope that we will be very useful in Exam. This file can be used by hooking up your data. You can get such a grade and make a good impression on the incoming officer.

For the students of Std 3 to 5 useful for Exam 2018, there is a love of reading counting writing in which children can easily read and ask about what type of talent is asked in the previous talents, so that children can read easily to children standard Can read and read write Exam.
We are always ready to help you. For the non-existent file, keep watching our blog. After a while, we are going to put the exam file on us. We will always try our hand to help the schools. You can put it in. If you want to be very good for the coming Gunotsav, then we will put together a new file.Place the new curriculum of ncrt. Now download all the book of online in Gujarati can be downloaded and some of the people can download the file today .Download All Digits of New Syllabus excel clips for 2018 all standard 1 standard 2003 torrent standard 5 standard-6 standard-7 for downloading a new topic book of standard 8

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