The Golden Opportunity To Do Job In Reliance Jio, The Company Is Giving 80,000 Jobs

Posted by on Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Golden Opportunity To Do Job In Reliance Jio, The Company Is Giving 80,000 Jobs

If you are unemployed and looking for a job, Reliance Geo has brought a good news to you. Reliance Geo, who has tehelkers in the telecom industry, has now come out with a strong offer for the job.

The company is going to issue vacancy to 80,000 people to get a new job. These jobs will be of different fields. There will be vacancies from sales and marketing to corporate and engineering levels.

The company has released job vacancies in the fields of Sales and Distribution, Engineering and Technology, Customer Services, Infrastructure, IT and System, Supply Chain, Corporate Service, Procurement and Contact etc. In which the needy people can apply.

If the applicant wants all the information related to the jobs, then you can look at Reliance Geo's career page. On this page you can find information about different engagement jobs.

To apply you have to go through the entire process. Go to first and click on New User or click on Direct Link. Then register it. After which you will receive an SMS. In which will be Confirmation.

Then log on to again. After that, search for studens and graduate jobs, geographic jobs, corporate jobs and hot jobs according to its merit. Where you will get information about what qualification the company has sought for.

At present, more than 1.5 lakh employees work in Geo. In this program, Geo Chief HR Officer Sanjay Jog informed that the company is partner with about 6,000 colleges and technical institutes.

By looking at the way Geo has grown, you can estimate that more job opportunities will arise in the coming days.

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