Reliance Jio to launch Jio DTH Service

Posted by on Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Today, most satellite TV customers in developed television markets get their programming through a direct broadcast satellite (DBS) provider, such as DISH TV or DTH platform. The provider selects programs and broadcasts them to subscribers as a set package. Basically, the provider’s goal is to bring dozens or even hundreds of channels to the customer’s television in a form that approximates the competition from Cable TV. the programming source, the broadcast center, the satellite, the satellite dish and the receiver.

Programming sources are simply the channels that provide programming for broadcast. The broadcast center is the central hub of the system. At the broadcast center or the Payout & Uplink location, the television provider receives signals from various programming sources, compresses I using digital compression, if necessary scrambles it and beams a broadcast signal to the satellite being used by it. The satellites receive the signals from the broadcast station and rebroadcast them to the ground. The viewer’s dish picks up the signal from the satellite (or multiple satellites in the same part of the sky) and passes it on to the receiver in the viewer’s house. The receiver processes the signal and passes it on to a standard television. Let’s look at each step in the process in greater detail.

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