Big news: Modi Government’s big decision for employees, everyone will get promotions

Posted by on Saturday, April 7, 2018

Big news: Modi Government’s big decision for employees, everyone will get promotions
Ratlam This news will make government employees happy. While the Narendra Modi government of the Center has taken a big decision, it has decided to give the mandatory mandate to every employee working in government service. These rules of promotion will be in different departments of the government, but it will be the first in the railway. This decision of the Modi Government in the Ratlam Railway Board will benefit more than 15 thousand people who have been waiting for promotion for long and about 1.5 lakh railway workers in Western Railway.

Immediately following the decision of the Modi government, the Railway Board has issued an order to give the promotion. These orders have been issued for employees who have not been promoted or promoted till date. There is a large number of employees in the Ratlam Railway Board who had to wait for promotion till now. Indian Railway Mazdoor Sangh, including the Western Railway Mazdoor Sangh and the Western Railway Employees Union, fought a long fight about it.

This is the decision that happened

Actually, the Modi government has taken this decision from time to time, there is no such thing as it is. For this, through the DoPT, for the promotion of the MACP to the Central employees in the year 2016, a confidential report that is called CR in the official language, it had the benchmarking of Very Good. Due to this rule, many employees continue to open the way for promotions. After this the railways organizations first raised this issue while strongly opposing it. When it came to the railway ministry in front of him, he was astonished. After this there was a long discussion.

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