Learn why the co-founder of whatsapp said, "Delete Kari Do Facebook' ...

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Learn why the co-founder of whatsapp said, "Delete Kari Do Facebook' ...

Facebook does not take the name of the finishing touches on Facebook. The company has already been in disputes due to the company's Analitika Data Scandal, and now Twitter's founder Brian Akt has also written that Facebook Dealit.

The question is, why did the founder of WhatsApp do this? In the tweet, he just wrote the unit line. Apart from that he has not written anything else in this subject and has not even shown the reason for this.

American and European MPs asked for a reply from Facebook Inc. on being told to keep data of millions of Facebook users in their diplomatic advertising company. American social media shares later dropped 7% on Monday.

Facebook has already said that how the people of Russia have used their platform spread before the Presidential election in 2016 in 2016. But Zuckerberg never came across the questions.

This issue can increase the pressure of the strict regulation of the social networking site. A British MP said that the country's privacy watchdog should have more power.

Conservative Leader and Chairman of the UK Digital, Culture, Media and Sports Committee, Damien Collins said in an interview that "We should consider the information commission and power provider in Britain." His time has come. '

Facebook found out the conditional violations in this matter in 2015. After which he stopped access to the professor and asked him to confirm the deployment of users' data to Cambridge Analytica.

On Friday, Facebook had removed Cambridge from its system, clearing the user's data was not deleted. Cambridge, on Saturday, said on Saturday that they do not currently have access to users' data. He said that he is talking to Facebook to settle the dispute.

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