Wifi Will Get Only 2 Rupees, This Company Will Give A Huge Hit To JIO

Posted by jitendra gosai on Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Wifi Will Get Only 2 Rupees, This Company Will Give A Huge Hit To JIO

Internet access is becoming more affordable. After the era of huge competition by the JIO, new companies are bringing out their new plans and new offers in the field after the new idea. Then a startup named wifi dabba has come true to this idea. Due to this, telecom companies have to be forced to make datacapes even more cheap. The company has already introduced 350 routers in Bangalore and they claim that 1800 connections are in Request for Waiting.

A startup of Bengaluru whose name is the same wifi dabba. He says that JIO is launched in India but still the data is expensive. This data price can still be cheaper. From whom the company has brought some plans. wifi dabba is an internet service provider. Providing internet using fiber optics. The company can put its own routers on the road, in shops. So that the speed of 50Mbps in the 100-200 meter radius can be given to the Internet. For this, the WiFi dabba has partnered with the local cable operator.

The primary cost of this startup data plan is only two rupees. 2 get 100MB of data in 2 Apart from this, 1GB of data is available for 10 rupees, 500MB and 20 rupees. Validity of three packs is only 24 hours. Speaking of JIO, the company currently offers 0.15GB of data in unlimited voice calls in 19 hours, which is valid for 24 hours. Data pack of WiFi dabba will also be available at local tea kettle or bakery. Like the top mobile coupon, wifi dabba’s coupon will also be available. The code written in it will have to be filtered by going to the company’s website and entering your log in ID and password, your connection will be turned on.

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