WhatsApp Launched for Video Calling New Feature

Posted by jitendra gosai on Saturday, November 18, 2017

WhatsApp Launched for Video Calling New Feature

WhatsApp User continues to launch new features to improve user experience. For this reason, WhatsApp has launched another new feature. In which the user can shift to the video call during a voice call. For that, they do not need to cut the phone. Let us tell you that even now when the users are talking to a voice call and they want to make a video call, they have to make a video call by cutting the phone. Usually, users want to make a video call than a voice call, then after the feature comes out, it can easily be shifted from the voice call to the video call.

According to @WabetaInfo’s report, this feature will be available in the Android Beta version 2.17.163. This feature will be available soon for all users. This video can also be disconnected if the users want it. With this, WhatsApp is working on one more feature that allows users to mute direct. In addition, WhatsApp is also working on the group video calling feature. There are several people who can video call together.

Let’s tell you that, WhatsApp has been launched for the Delete For Everyone, allowing users to delete a message that was mistakenly deleted. If the receiver does not read the message, it can be deleted within 7 minutes. But recently this feature has been a mistake, in which the receiver can also read the delivered message. For that, just have to install an app. After that, if you delete and delete your message, you will still be able to read it.

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