500 To 2000 Notes Will Be Closed From December 8? RBI’s Guideline Public

Posted by jitendra gosai on Thursday, November 16, 2017

500 To 2000 Notes Will Be Closed From December 8? RBI’s Guideline Public

A news and message on the Internet is going viral, it has been said that according to the RBI’s new rule, the new piece of this special criminal will be invalid from December 8. No bank in the country will accept this type of note …

What happened to the viral on social media?

The viral message has been claimed that the RBI has enacted a new rule, that all new notes will be terminated, in which any message related to religious, politics and business is written or any official word will be written, which the bank will not accept.

Another message related to this is viral, in which a new type of new note will be declared invalid from December 8. Soon deposit these banks in these banks. The RBI has taken this step to tell the government about its defeat in Gujarat elections.

This is the rule: Actually there is no new rule to notify the note. But after registration, this rule is mentioned in RBI’s ‘Exchange of Notes’ notification. According to RBI, this notification is in the website even on the current date. RBI clarifies that these claims made on social media are false. Whenever RBI declares such a rule, its notification is disclosed in the media. The rules of ‘exchange of notes’ related to these types of notes were enforced in 2016.

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